Daugherty Youth Cup SYC/RCC đź—“ đź—ş



Center St. Louis: St. Louis, MO

Events Schedule:
Event | Date | Registration Closes
Y10 Women’s Epee | Fri 10/14 | 8:00 AM
Y10 Women’s Foil | Sat 10/15 | 8:00 AM
Y10 Women’s Saber | Sun 10/16 | 11:30 AM
Y10 Men’s Epee | Fri 10/14 | 8:30 AM
Y10 Men’s Foil | Sat 10/15 | 8:00 AM
Y10 Men’s Saber | Sun 10/16 | 11:30 AM
Y12 Women’s Epee | Sun 10/16 | 12:00 PM
Y12 Women’s Foil | Fri 10/14 | 8:00 AM
Y12 Women’s Saber | Sat 10/15 | 8:30 AM
Y12 Men’s Epee | Sat 10/15 | 1:00 PM
Y12 Men’s Foil | Sun 10/16 | 8:00 AM
Y12 Men’s Saber | Fri 10/14 | 12:30 PM
Y14 Women’s Epee | Sat 10/15 | 8:30 AM
Y14 Women’s Foil | Sun 10/16 | 12:00 PM
Y14 Women’s Saber | Fri 10/14 | 8:00 AM
Y14 Men’s Epee | Sun 10/16 | 8:00 AM
Y14 Men’s Foil | Fri 10/14 | 12:30 PM
Y14 Men’s Saber | Sat 10/15 | 1:00 PM
Cadet Women’s Epee | Fri 10/14 | 11:30 AM
Cadet Women’s Foil | Sat 10/15 | 12:30 PM
Cadet Women’s Saber | Sun 10/16 | 8:30 AM
Cadet Men’s Epee | Fri 10/14 | 11:30 AM
Cadet Men’s Foil | Sat 10/15 | 12:30 PM
Cadet Men’s Saber | Sun 10/16 | 8:30 AM


Regular fee:

Registration : $30 NON REFUNDABLE
Event fee: $50
Regular fee deadline is September 26/2016 at 11:59 pm
REFUND DEADLINE IS September 26/2016 AT 11:59 PM

Double Fee:
Starts on September 27/2016 @12:01 am
Registration: $60
Event fee: $100
Deadline for double fee registration is October 3 /2016 at 11:59 pm

Triple fee:
Starts on October 4/2016 at 12:01 am
Registration: $90
Event fee: $150

Deadline for triple fee is October 12/2016 at 11:59 pm.

Registration at the door will be triple fees + $200 cash or check only.


-CADET: 2000-2003

-Y10: 2006-2009
-Y12: 2004-2007
-Y14: 2002-2005

EXCEPTION TO AGE ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA (All other qualification criteria remains):
1. Youth 12 – A fencer born after 2007 can fence in Youth 12 IF the fencer is on the National Youth 10 point standings at the time of the entry deadline for that tournament.
2. Youth 14 – A fencer born after 2005 can fence in Youth 14 IF the fencer is on the National Youth 12 point standings at the time of the entry deadline for that tournament.
3. Cadet (through JO’s) – A fencer born after 2003 can fence in Cadet local and regional competitions, NAC Cadet tournaments and Junior Olympic Cadet Fencing Championships and qualifying tournaments IF the fencer is on the National Youth 14 point standings at the time of the entry deadline for that tournament.

Holiday INN
St. Louis SW – Route 66
More info for rate and cut off date will be posted soon.

Check in:
Fencers must check-in with their membership card or a letter of good standing. Membership exceptions for foreign fencers do apply. Athletes without proof of membership must complete
competitive membership registration prior to competing.
Parents/guardians should come prepared with ONE of the following in case the fencer’s age needs verification for eligibility purposes or submit one of the following to information@usfencing.org:
1. A government issued photo ID with date of birth included
2. A copy of birth certificate
3. Passport
To avoid bringing this documentation, USA Fencing has an age verification process.
Current Verification Process:
An athlete can submit a copy of their birth certificate or passport to the National Office via email (information@usfencing.org), mail or fax and they will verify the DOB in the
database. Once the date of birth has been verified, it is indicated on permanent and temporary membership cards.

Seeding shall be based on the following order:
1. Current national rolling point standings regardless of classification.
2. Classification and year
3. Athletes with neither of the above are seeded on a random basis after the athletes who are seeded by the preceding factors.

SYC Competitions award national ranking points to the top 40% of the field up to 64 fencers regardless of where the cut off occurs, within a pool round of a direct elimination
bracket. The % is rounded up to the nearest whole number. For example, if there are 17 fencers in an event, 40% of 17 is 6.8. Therefore, the top 7 finishers earn points.
Only one/the highest SYC result in a given category is counted towards an athlete’s National Ranking. SYC points are awarded at a 0.8 scale of the Youth NAC points
table. (New 2015-2016) Any participant, regardless of region, may earn NRPS at an SYC.

The SYC tournament serves as one qualifying path for Y10 and Y12 fencers to the Youth NAC and for Y10/12 and 14 fencers to the Summer National Championships.
Athletes finishing in the top 40% of their event at an SYC earn National Ranking points in that category. In Y12 and Y14 this qualifies athletes to compete at the Summer National Championships for the season in which they earned national points. For Y10, athletes qualify to compete at the Summer National Championships by participating in an RYC or SYC tournament within the competitive season.

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